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Musashi. El Camino de la Espada (Musashi, #2)
Eiji Yoshikawa
The Princess Trap
Kirsten Boie
The Demigod Diaries - Rick Riordan Great short stories. Lovely compilation.
Cold Days - Jim Butcher It was absolutely and completely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, like never before!!! So many things uncovered, so many things YET to be known!!! And all the Harry and Thomas moments, AND HARRY AND MURPHY, UGH MY HEART ♥ Loved it loved it loved it so!!!
The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan I loved it, I loved it. There was nothing that I didn't love about this book: Loved Percy, Hazel, Frank, my precious baby Frank, the Amazons,Arion, Ella.... everything. It was great.
El misterio del solitario - Jostein Gaarder
Este mundo es un milagro tan fantástico que no es fácil saber si uno debe echarse a llorar o a reír. A lo mejor se deberían hacer las dos cosas a la vez.

Libro increíblemente maravilloso. Lo recomendaría a absolutamente todo el mundo, sin siquiera pensarlo, porque trata un tema que nos concierne a todos como miembros de este gran solitario.
Blank Slate, Vol. 2 - Aya Kanno I'm glad this manga got some sort of closure. It was a tad rushed, yeah, but that's better than nothing, I think. It had so much more potential, though. In any case, it was an interesting read and the art was ridiculously gorgeous. Love Kanno's art.
Blank Slate, Vol. 1 - Aya Kanno Aya Kanno's art is as gorgeous as always in this manga ♥ Her characters are always so stunning, I love their designs. The 'first chapter' was incredibly confusing though. But the following capters have an engaging sequence of events.
The Princess Plot  - Kirsten Boie, David Henry Wilson Really interesting, really engaging, hard to put it down! I was worried for a moment that the ending would be too rushed or too forced but it worked just fine and you can totally tell that there's still plenty to come! Can't wait to get a hold of the sequel. Overall, lots of fun.
Royal Assassin - Robin Hobb Rating not because it was a bad book (which it wasn't!) but mostly because I didn't get any pleasure from reading it. It was exasperating. I just wanted to get done with it.
Aprendiz de Asesino - Robin Hobb I really don't understand why this Spanish edition needed to cut the book in two (I hope it's just two and not more). The 'ending' (if it can be called that way) is incredibly anticlimactic and gives no clue that the book has reached its end. Thankfully, I have a digital copy of Assassins’ Apprentice so I don’t have to wait to read the actual ending of this book.